Ferrari F40 Engine Rebuild

We were asked to carry out an assessment on the F40 over the winter of 2016\17 and found that 2 cylinders were slightly lower than the others on compression.

The customer then asked us to carry out a full engine rebuild.  The car quickly came apart and parts were sent away to the machine shop to have new valve guides fitted.  Once we received the parts we sent the crankshaft and new pistons to be balanced before assembly.

Every nut, bolt, washer and pulley were sent to be cad plated.

We had the cam cover reconditioned and all the aluminium parts were blasted and cleaned in our high pressure hot wash tank.

The engine was reinstalled and prepared for testing @ Brands Hatch.


Key Features

  • New Valve guides and new valves
  • New Pistons
  • New Bearings
  • Lighten and balance of rotating assembly
  • All new gaskets and seals
  • All genuine Ferrari parts used